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  1. Sätta ihop en bug out bag. blir allt mer vanligt och många väljer faktiskt bort den traditionella charterresan för att istället bege sig ut i Sverige (eller i annat land) och upptäcka naturen på nära håll. Att campa är mycket roligt och en upplevelse.
  2. Bug Out Bag - 72-timmarspackning för nödsituationer och längre vistelser utomhus Med en Bug Out Bag har du utrustningen du behöver för en vistelse i fält 72 timmar. Grundtanken är att du ska ha det viktigaste för att kunna överleva i fält en längre tid i händelse av det oförutsedda
  3. En bug-out bag (BOB) är en väska med allt man behöver för att klara sig i 72 timmar. Det är en billig försäkring ifall du snabbt behöver lämna hemmet. BOB kallas även bland annat för överlevnadsväska, överlevnadsryggsäck, 72-timmars väska, nödväska och grab bag
  4. dre överlevnadskit som är tänkt att räcka för att klara sig i 72 timmar. Det innehåller allt som behövs för att man ska hålla sig varm, mätt och säker i
  5. En bug-out bag kan därför se olika ut med tanke på vilken situation man hamnar i. Jag förespråkar ock att man har en färdigpackad bug-out bag som innehåller saker som håller en vid liv i tre dagar - om nöden skulle kräva det. Likaså förespråkar jag att man alltid har ordning på sina saker för vilket du lätt kan få med dig kontanter, körkort, kreditkort, bilnycklar och ombyte.
  6. Bug-out-bag (BOB) är en väska som innehåller vad man behöver för att kunna överleva 72-timmar på egen hand. I detta inlägg kommer jag gå igenom varför man bör ha en, vilken typ av väska man skall ha och vad den bör innehålla
  7. Bug Out Gear är en webbutik som specialiserar sig inom utrustning för överlevnad och äventyr. Vår vision är att alla ska äga livsviktig utrustning om krisen eller kriget kommer

Bug Out Location - BOL 2020-08-04 2020-06-03 av Prepparen En Bug Out Location (BOL) är en plats som du kan söka skydd på om du av någon anledning behöver lämna din bostad Tacticalstore erbjuder ett stort urval av robusta och funktionsrika ryggsäckar, vapenväskor och andra väskor av hög kvalitet från toppmärken som Vertx, 5.11 Tactical, Maxpedition och Snigeldesig

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A bug out bag should be light and must contain supplies that will enable you to get through 96 hours (4 days).. Why just 96 hours? - Because this bug out bag contains only the bare essentials that are needed for evacuation. If your house catches fire or if there is an earthquake (or worse) - you won't have time to think and pack; you have to respond immediately - within seconds Getting the right tools and items for your 72-hour bag is even more critical than choosing the bag itself. Today I will be providing you with my top 13 bug out bag list to help you decide what to add to your top tactical backpack following up to my previous review on the get home bag to get

100+ Bug out bag checklist. With 90 plus bug out bag list, this article offers you a wide range of items to choose from. It doesn't mean that you will have to pack every item on the list, but at least you will have somewhere to start from The usefulness of a good bug out bag is not just limited to adults. Kids obviously can't carry as much, and you don't need to load them down with survival tools. A good kids' bug out bag concentrates more on keeping the child comforted and involved. 90% of adults have had children by the age of 50 A bug-out bag or BOB is a portable kit that normally contains the items one would require to survive for 72 hours when evacuating from a disaster, although some kits are designed to last longer periods.Other names for such a bag are a 72-hour kit, battle box, grab bag, go bag, GOOD bag (get out of Dodge), personal emergency relocation kit (PERK), or quick run bag (QRB) #bugoutbag #survival #survivalgear These 13+ items have a place in your Bug out bag / bailout bag / get home bag / 72 hour bag / bugoutbag / emergency kit! H..

Learn about bug out bag essentials from true survivalists. Ensure you're prepared for an emergency situation with high-quality bug out bag survival items, top bug out bag recommendations, and an easily downloadable checklist so you're prepared in life-threatening situations Yes, literally your bag is going in the river and we will let it bob in there for a while. After dragging it out later, we check to see if your contents were compromised. You need to pack your bug-out bag with the thought in mind that anything could happen at any time. You might just have to rip it off and ditch it somewhere for a period of time

QT&QY 45L Military Tactical Backpacks Molle Army Assault Pack 3 Day Bug Out Bag Hiking Treeking Rucksack. 4.7 out of 5 stars 379. $33.99 $ 33. 99. FREE Shipping by Amazon. LHI Military Tactical Backpack for Men 35L 45L Army Pack BugOut Bag Molle Rucksack with Reflector. 4.4 out of 5 stars 670 Bug Out Gear. 200 likes. Bug Out Gear är en svensk webbutik som specialiserar sig inom utrustning för överlevnad och äventyr

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  1. En bug-out bag (BOB) är en väska som fylls med nödvändigheter för att lättare kunna överleva i 72 timmar till exempel i en nödsituation. Den kan innehålla vatten; mat (matfett, torkat kött, choklad, salt) kläder; skydd (tält eller presenning); första hjälpen; utrustning (regnskydd, verktyg för att göra upp eld, tillbehör för matlagning, ljus, överlevnadskniv, liten yxa.
  2. Reviews of the Best Bug Out Bags 5.11 RUSH72. With a capacity of 55 liters, the 5.11 RUSH72 bug out bag allows you to hold enough supplies for 72 hours, according to the manufacturers. Its large capacity could leave you digging and searching to find your supplies, but that's not an issue with this bug out backpack
  3. Browse our large selection of bug-out-bag. Not a great fit? No problem! We offer free and easy returns
  4. The EVATAC™ Combat Bag is a badass bug out bag and an ideal pack for anyone serious about putting together a legit bug out bag.. It's the bug out bag that I personally use by the way.. It's constructed of 600D Polyester which makes it tough as nails.. The Combat Bag's zipper and clips are heavy duty and long lasting.. The padded shoulder straps make carrying this bug out bag very.
  5. Bug out (Inbunden, 2016) - Hitta lägsta pris hos PriceRunner Jämför priser från 5 butiker Betala inte för mycket - SPARA på ditt inköp nu

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Bug Out Gear specialiserar sig på friluftsprodukter för äventyr och överlevnad. Vi har utrustning för dina äventyr. Eldstål, snabbkaffe, underställ och mycket mer A Bug out bag (sometimes called a bail out bag or survival bag) is loosely defined as a backpack-style bag that a person keeps at the ready in case they need to evacuate in a hurry (bug out) due to natural disaster, civil unrest, fire, war or any other similar type of calamity. A bug out bag won't be much good should a comet the size of Dallas hit the earth but for the type. About a year ago, when I wrote the article What's In My Bug-Out Bag? I was reasonably confident in my loadout. Wow, I was wrong. Many seasoned outdoors people were quick to point out my failure in creating a suitable bug-out bag. I took their critiques to heart and made adjustments Bug Out Bag Specifications. While building your bug out bag is made easy by selecting one of the pre-made, thoughtfully designed options above, there are still a few general guidelines and. Each bug out bag in this guide has its own set of features and carry style, giving you plenty of options to get you started with your own bug out bag you can depend on in an emergency. What makes a bag good for use as a bug out bag? Before jumping into our recommendations, here are a few considerations for picking out the best bug out bag for you

Bug out bags, also known as 72 hour bags or Go bags, are usually used to bug out from a location. Survival tools, food, and water are the cornerstones of these kits. They are individual kits, meaning that even in a family, you spread food and water storage across each person's bug out bag rather than storing it all in one or two Practical Bug Out Bag Supplies. Every survivalist needs a bug out bag list to stay prepared for any SHTF scenario. While Adam Sandler's Jill believes It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, that is not the case in a bug out bag.. You only take what you absolutely need for survival Some people prefer to make their Bug Out Bags for even longer periods of time. What to Put in Your Bug Out Bag. There are a lot of Bug Out Bag lists out there which will tell you exactly what to pack. However, these lists ignore the fact that everyone has different survival needs. Please don't follow any Bug Out Bag checklist blindly

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For example, you would want to tailor your Bug Out Bag differently if you lived in an urban location versus a wilderness environment. The same goes for if you are packing a BOB for yourself or your entire family. Regardless of these variables, there are a few simple rules that should be followed when deciding on what to pack in your Bug Out Bag Doomsday Prep is the best prepper website for prepper gear, bug out bags, & prepper supplies. We carry a full line of survival kits, self-defense, tactical equipment, long term food storage and much more. Since 2012 we have made strides to be the best online prepper store and strive to supply our customers with the best service and products Instead of just sending out the latest post to my subscribers, I about once a month make a newsletter from scratch including interesting stories from okt 23, 2020 av Anders Engström i Utblick Review: The Bug Box - a brilliant way to learn how to cook with bugs

A .22 is on my list for bug out. A large caliber rifle is great for hunting and defense, but a .22 and a brick of ammo gives you 2-3 chances at protein for six months.Due to personal preferences, I'll not name types or brands, but an accurate .22 handgun or rifle of your choice is a necessity for bug out or inch bag IMO Min bug out bag. När jag började läsa om bug out bags så var det i första hand på de amerikanska prepper-sidorna. Där är väskorna väldigt maxade med överlevnadsprylar. Min första BOB har tagit inspiration från dessa även om jag försökt tänka till vad jag verkligen behöver Best Bug Out Bag Fire Starters Wrap Up. That's my advice on bug out bag fire starters. These are tools that have all of the great attributes of being affordable, lightweight, and small in size. If only every bug out bag tool had these three attributes. What's your fire starting tool of choice My bug out bag is a 40L Wayfinder by Eagle Creek, although the one on Amazon is not specifically for women. (Read on for the link to women's bags.) I use it regularly as an everyday carry bag too. I chose the 40L instead of the 30L because the 40 had waist and sternum straps, and because my 17-inch laptop fits in it

Equipping Your Car For The Bug-Out. Now that you've bought your vehicle, it's time to mention the most important things you need to consider for a wide variety of scenarios, such as: getting home safely as soon as you hear news something is wrong. That means you need either a get home bag, bug out bag, or INCH bag Established in 2015. Bug out bag Australia is the go to group for survival and preparedness enthusiasts in Australia A huge mistake that many preppers make in regards to packing a bug out bag is neglecting personal hygiene products. It's perfectly understandable why someone would focus on items that seem more pressing, such as weapons, water and food.. Those are all obviously critical to survival, but personal hygiene is something that you absolutely cannot neglect 18 essential items to build your ultimate bug out bag survival kit for EDC and emergency situations. 18 essential items to build your ultimate bug out bag survival kit for EDC and emergency situations. Trending Gear Buying Guides Submit. Login. Knives Flashlights Multitools Watches Pens Gadgets Keychains Wallets Bags Notebooks All bug out bags need, well, a bag, to house all of your most essential items. While the bag itself might not seem like a huge deal, having a quality bag can make a big difference when it comes to organization and durability

A bug-out bag is a piece of luggage, usually a backpack, pre-packed to hold items that will help you survive a crisis or disaster. Common contents will be tools and equipment to provide warmth, shelter, medical care, light, protection and of course food and water, or the ability to obtain them Win a bug-out bag complete emergency kit* Tania González 7/15/2020. Jay-Z and Team Roc pay fees for those arrested in Wisconsin protests. 6 Major Grocery Store Chains That Have Closed Locations Bug Out Bag Weight Factor #2 - How much can you carry comfortably. When you are building your bug out bag (click the link to read more about how to pack a bug out bag), you don't want to start off with the mindset of packing a certain weight

Survival Bug Out Bags . Emergency Lights. Survival Blog. Survival Tools. Survival Kits. 10 Person Deluxe Office Survival Kit. Regular price $245.99 $219.99 Sale. 2 Person Bug Out Survival Kit. Regular price $89.99 $79.99 Sale. Complete Auto Survival Kit. Regular price $108.99 $89.99 Sale Ideally, a bug out bag should weigh about 15% of your body weight, assuming you're in decent shape. 20% of your body weight should be the absolute maximum. So despite the impression many people got from my 50 Items article, I don't think you should pack your bug out bag with as many items as possible Find the perfect bug out bag for up to 70% off. Shop Wish.com for the best deals

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This bag cost around $15 dollars, I bought mine at a local store but they can be purchased from the link. You want your first aid kit to be the last thing loaded into your Bug Out Bag as it needs to be easily accessible. Your first aid kit should be easy to find in your bag based off of site and feel As your local, eco-friendly pest control company, we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers and the environment. Family-owned and operated for more than 50 years, Bug Out has become ingrained into the community and is now part of a partnership of quality companies providing termite and pest control, lawn care*, wildlife exclusion/extraction*, pest control insulation and moisture. A bug out bag is a kit that has all the stuff you need to get from where you are to where you need to go. They are also known as a Get Out of Dodge bag (GOOD), a 72 Hour Bag/Kit, a grab bag, a battle box or a Personal Emergency Relocation Kit (PERK)

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Your bug out bag should have all the essentials you need to survive for at least 72 hours in case of an emergency. You would not just pack all your favorite foods in the bag. Sure they taste good, but you have to choose foods that can sustain all your caloric and nutritional needs You might think if you have been prepping long enough that you have your bug-out bag and its load out completely perfect. Down pat. Ideal. Maybe you do, and will end up proving me wrong, but I will still go on and assert that there is always something you can do to improve your BOB itself, or just the way you have your kit stashed in it A bug out bag is not only useful in disaster scenarios, they are also useful throughout our daily lives. Car accidents, minor injuries, and unexpected events happen all the time. While I have yet to use my bug out bag for an actual bugging out situation, I am usually digging into it for one reason or another a few times a month

A good bug out bag will hold all of your gear and be tough enough to stand up to abuse. Comfort helps too Extra Capacity - I like the regular Nalgene bottles, but to save trips to the creek, I also pack a backup water container in the Nalgene Wide Mouth Cantene (32-ounce).This allows me to fill up two bottles and that normally lasts me all day unless I am in extreme heat environments A bug out bag should be pre-packed with all of your supplies so that you can grab it, throw it on your back and walk or run out your car, or head for the hills. I have written a couple of other posts about Bug Out Bags and one dealt specifically on the subject of the contents of your bug out bag or BOB A bag,kit,or vest that a person carries on or near their person,in the event of a natural disaster,civil uprising,war,or any other event that dictates that you leave the area ASAP.These bags typically contain survival gear,food,water,weapons,etc A bug-out bag is meant to get you to a location. Sometimes people are misinformed and try to load everything and the kitchen sink into that bag, and that's not a good approach Having a hearty 72-hour food supply in your bug out kit will ensure that your nutritional and caloric needs are met regardless of the circumstances. In this article, we'll discuss which foods are ideal for a bug out bag


A bug out bag is different from a survival kit because a bug out bag is meant to give you the items you need for the first 72 hours of survival. Because of this, a bug out bag should be able to carry lightweight, emergency, and short-term supplies as opposed to long-term solutions In general, though, a small and simple bug-out bag is pretty universal and should cover you for the first 24 to 72 hours of any survival situation. After that, unless it's a total apocalypse, help should be on the way The Bug Out Bag Guide | I am a lifelong outdoorsman and have been interested in survival tactics and practices for many years. Come visit me at The Bug Out Bag Guide. Thanks A bug-out bag or emergency go-bag is something everyone should have in their home or vehicle (or both). When disaster strikes, you'll be glad you have these survival items pre-packed and ready.

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Your bug out location needs to be far enough away from your home, so as to not get caught in the same disaster your home is caught in, while being close enough that you actually have a chance of getting there. This is easier in some parts of the country, than it is in others Once your bug out bag checklist is complete, review it a few times to make sure you haven't left out anything, and make notes of items you want to have more of or have left off the checklist. Below are essential items and common items to have on your bug out bag checklist, and to pack in your bug out bag is a badass bug out bag and an ideal pack for anyone serious about putting together a legit bug out bag. It's the bug out bag that I personally use by the way.. It's constructed of 600D Polyester which makes it tough as nails.. The Combat Bag's zipper and clips are heavy-duty and long-lasting.. The padded shoulder straps make carrying this bug out bag very comfortable and there is a.

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Welcome to the definitive guide for SHTF Bug Out Bags. We've done a lot of the hard work for you and reviewed a variety of different styles, sizes, and prices to bring you the best bug out bags for when SHTF Stealth Angel Alpha 4.0 Bug Out Bag / 1 Person 72-Hour Emergency Survival Go Bag has all the essential emergency items packed securely in our popular Stealth Angel Knox40 Backpack featuring the Stealth Angel 8-in-1 Everyday Carry Kit. Each bug out bag is hand assembled by us in the USA and neatly organized in our hig bug-out bag A bag containing things that would allow one to evacuate and survive in an emergency or disaster situation, often for a minimum of 72 hours. Typical contents include food and water, a first-aid kit, extra clothing, necessary medication, and maps. To bug out is a slang term meaning to leave in a hurry. Sometime abbreviated to BOB. When. Dec 16, 2016 - Bug out bag printable checklist and pictures: food, water, warmth, clothes, light, first aid, hygiene, tools, documents, and more..

Get the best deals on Bug Out Gear In Tactical Bags & Packs when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices Building a Bug Out Bag (also called a BOB or 72-Hour Bag) is one of the most important steps you can take to prepare for disaster and increase your chances of survival. The idea is to pack your BOB with everything you need to survive the initial 72 hours after a disaster, by which time the chaos will have hopefully died down and you can return to civilization Even if you have an airtight, foolproof bug-in plan you must be prepared to bug out or respond to some emergency that sees you leaving your carefully prepared home in a big hurry. The best way to do that is by keeping a properly packed and handily stored bug-out bag ready for just such an occasion A bug out bag is meant to carry items to allow you to survive for 72 to 96 hours when you evacuate due to emergencies. There is no right or wrong answer to the items you include! Some people have multiple bug out bags for different scenarios. You may have one particular scenario in your head, or you may want to be prepared for anything you. Having the right bug out bag size so that it won't slow you down or wear you out, due to body fatigue. Exclusive Bonus Content - Skilled Survival's 104 Item Bug Out Bag Checklist - the only bug out checklist worth using. Click Here To Get Your FREE Copy Of It. Purpose of a Bug Out Bag

Find out what areas of town have the most problems, the highest crime rates, and have potential hot spots for trouble during a crisis. Put together a list of emergency services, hospitals, embassies if you're overseas, safe zones, and a well thought out list of evacuation routes. Building your Travel Bug Out Bag Information on Bugging Out and creating emergency evacuation plans for when the SHTF. Learn where to go, what to take, how to survive during crisis situations, and why bug out bags are a crucial part of your plan. Bugout Guide: 60+ Preparedness Resources for Getting the Hell out of Dodge Premade Bug Out Bags for Sale. Welcome to GATA. We carry some of the best, premade and custom bug out bags. We have taken the time to procure one of the best survival go bags on the market. Whether you need a first aid kit, survival kit, lights, or a backpack, we carry it all at GATA Packing a bug-out bag can be tedious. For the survival-challenged, these pre-packed survival bags offer everything you need and nothing you don't Bug Out Bag Printable. Thanks for visiting Preppers Survive. Before you leave subscribe to our newsletter. If you enjoyed this article, please share it on your favorite social media

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Ideally, a bug out bag should contain survival gear and necessities to get you through at least 72 hours. We have assembled a list of the basic things to consider when creating your bag. Keep in mind that each situation is unique, and things such as climate and personal preference may mean you need to tweak our list to fit your specific situation Enter the bug-out bag, a book bag or large pouch filled with survival and first-aid supplies, as well as emergency food and water. RELATED: How to Build the Best Bug Out Bag

Bug-out bags are self-contained survival kits that include all the essentials the average person needs to survive the first 72 hours after a natural disaster I'm putting together a SHTF bag and was wondering which might be better, it's a really stupid idea to try to bug out without them. Either get your family to make a plan, or plan to bug in. That's all I have for now. Don't die in the woods, please. 146. 31 comments. share. save. About Community. When the shit hits the fan, it's. Easy guide to making bug out bags and survival kit. Also includes articles about survival first aid kits, survival preperation, unusual survival kit items, survival self defence, easy bug out meals, where to go to survive and more

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Bug Out Bag Method | The Bug Out Bag Method is an emergency preparedness plan that centers around building a well stocked and versatile Bug Out Bag Because you build a bug-out bag around a 72-hour time frame, you have no need to go overboard with large meals or elaborate cooking setups. Again, because there's always a chance you'll end up. Bug-Out Bag for your 22 reloader kit. Avoid losing any part of your kit and have a convenient case to store it all in

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A Bug Out Bag Checklist of Supplies. There are a few standard items that every bug out bag should have in them and from there you can choose to customize and fit your bag to your own situation. For a more complete list of bug out bag items, see our full bug out bag checklist. 1. Water. The number one item you should have in your bugout bags is. There are bug-out bag essentials that should be in every single bag. Having them on a checklist would be a good idea. We mentioned before that there is no one perfect B.O.B. If there was a B.O.B. that had just what you needed in every possible survival situation you could encounter,. Solution: As promised, the answer to whether to sentence these to occasional use in your range bag or bug-out bag is: yes, by all means, stash them where you'll have them when you need them. Then buy a second of each and put them in your everyday-carry rotation. Problem solved. To see our selection of these and other tactical knives click here

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657 bug out bag products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which backpacks accounts for 69%, other camping & hiking products accounts for 5%. A wide variety of bug out bag options are available to you, There are 577 suppliers who sells bug out bag on Alibaba.com, mainly located in Asia Having bug out bag cookware is an essential part of planning a bug out. As Napoleon once said, an army marches on its stomach. The same idea applies here - to be effective and sustained, you must be well-fed. Well-fed nearly always requires cooking, and cooking requires cookware. I'll get. Spies and certain military personnel have them. Even mobsters and other criminals have them. And you should have one too. I'm talking about a Bug-Out Bag, a ready-to-grab-at-anytime kit that. A bug out bag is a bag you have packed and ready to go in an emergency situation. I once thought this was only for people that were expecting Armageddon to break out suddenly. However, I've since realized that this bag could actually be a great thing to have in place in case of a natural disaster MAY 6: Corona has stopped also Bug Run this year, it is just decided that Bug Run #37 is moving to June 4-5, 2021. BUT, we have also just got the chance to do Bug Run 2020 Extra for all you enthusiasts at Mantorp Park on Sunday August 30th. One day, exhibition, circuit racing, drag racing. More info coming! Bug Run Picknick 1 maj 202

Shop 15 top bug out bag and earn Cash Back all in one place. Also set Sale Alerts and shop Exclusive Offers only on ShopStyle Bug-out bag definition is - a bag packed with survival supplies (such as food, water, medications, and flashlights) and kept ready for use in case of an emergency that requires rapid evacuation : go bag. How to use bug-out bag in a sentence So, I figured that I my bug out bag book would be a good candidate considering all the craziness going on out there lately, from wildfires to riots and who knows what's coming next. The book is discounted to a whopping $0.99 (down from $4.99) now through Sunday evening, so if you're interested then I would encourage you to grab the Kindle version for a great price while you still can. Home The Bug-Out Bag. The Bug-Out Bag. By. Asher Schwartz - 27 Tishri 5781 - October 15, 2020. 0. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. tweet; Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz. Advertisement. SHARE Kids' Bug Out Bag | Gear List with Pro Tips - 10/20/20. Go to article. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Pinterest; Reddit; Print; Email ← Prepper Website home Indeed, the Lord God does nothing without revealing His counsel to His.

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